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Christian's Xperia Rom News:Donate
- 03-01-11 New Christian's Rom 6.100
- 06-12-10 New Christian's Rom 6.001
- 21-11-10 New Christian's Rom 5.910
- 03-11-10 New Christian's Rom 5.830
- 14-08-10 VoiceCommand Fix for 5.723
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DateVersionTypeBuildLangRapidshareSendspaceMegauploadFTPUsenetOther (3186)Sendspace (3053)Megaupload (2748)N/AN/AN/A
Changelog 5.830:

- new sys: 22047(Branche: SEMC sony ericsson Branch)(Timebomb fix not needed):
- Icalparse updated to 2.0.0
- Arkswitch updated to 1.2.0

03-11-105.830Clean22047NLN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A (3083)Sendspace (2796)Megaupload (2965)N/AN/AN/A
03-11-105.830Clean22047WWEN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A (3758)Sendspace (3001)Megaupload (3149)Ftp (3974)N/AOther (2987)
Changelog 5.723:

- new sys: 23676(Branche: LG Electronics Branch)(Timebomb fix not needed):
- Google Maps updated to 4.1.1
- Threaded email from 6.5.5 added
- Icalparse updated to 1.6.6
- Total Commander updated to 2.52 beta 3 (4526)Sendspace (4509)Megaupload (4365)Ftp (4578)N/AOther (4257) (3844)Sendspace (3123)Megaupload (3184)Ftp (3636)N/AOther (2787)
Changelog 5.723:

New rom online this one includes Voice command and transcriber(only this rom(Full WWE) has been updated) (2865)Sendspace (2510)Megaupload (3938)Ftp (4290)N/AOther (4106) (5277)Sendspace (4140)Megaupload (4354)Ftp (4501)Nzb (4740)Other (4195)
Changelog 5.610:

- new sys: 23670(Branche: LG Electronics Branch)(Timebomb fix not needed): sms is working fine again
- Ameba removed (3920)Sendspace (4333)Megaupload (3988)Ftp (4539)Nzb (4077)Other (3949) (4245)Sendspace (4059)Megaupload (4696)Ftp (4584)N/AOther (3988) (5224)Sendspace (4295)Megaupload (4313)Ftp (4630)N/AOther (3895) (4680)Sendspace (4405)Megaupload (4437)Ftp (5176)N/AOther (4651)
Changelog 5.512:

- new sys: 24619(Branche: ?)(Timebomb fix not needed):
- Myphone fixed in english roms
- Icalparse updated to 1.5.7
- Themes are made compatible with this branche!
- Pagepool set from 16mb to 24mb

04-07-105.512Clean24619NLN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A (4485)Sendspace (4759)Megaupload (4994)Ftp (4565)N/AOther (4842)
04-07-105.512Clean24619WWEN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A (3638)Sendspace (3654)Megaupload (3845)Ftp (3948)N/AOther (3468)
Changelog 5.419:

- new sys: 23569(Branche: COM5)(Timebomb fixed):
- X2 R3AA035 stuff updated
- Panel manager updated to
- flashpanelandMMIIInstall updated(seems like atleast the flash panels postions are fixed now)
- updated xkeyhandler
- updated xpfilterdeploy
- updated xpframework
- updated tilewave panel
- SPB Mobile Shell 3.5.1 panel from x2(even in dutch on dutch roms) (3621)N/AN/AFtp (3522)N/AOther (3958) (4135)Sendspace (5127)Megaupload (3856)Ftp (4154)N/AOther (3407) (3682)N/AN/AFtp (4004)N/AOther (3049) (4096)Sendspace (3675)Megaupload (3976)Ftp (3989)N/AOther (3589)
Changelog 5.310:

- new sys: 23568(Branche: COM5)(Timebomb fixed):
- x2 taskmanager removed
- Google maps updated to 4.1
- Icalparse updated to 1.4.2
- application added(one of my personal favorites(dutch))
- Sense 2.5 panel now instead of 2.1!(not completely working since it needs to many packages and
that would make the rom to big for just a panel)
- Sense 2.5 cleaned up(Thanks to jerpelea)
- Packages updated and added for sense:
 zzManila 2.5 tweaks (2247)Sendspace (2173)Megaupload (1609)Ftp (2348)N/AOther (1987) (3894)Sendspace (3450)Megaupload (3788)Ftp (3523)N/AOther (3187) (4250)Sendspace (3270)N/AFtp (2352)N/AOther (2608)
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