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All sys build branches(thanks to whoever made this nice list):
212xx = AKU1, all builds leading up to and including WM 6.5
213xx = MOT motorola
214xx = forget
215xx = SAM samsung
216xx = HTC htc
217xx = COM1, continuing dev of -
218xx = COM2, continuing dev of
219xx = MD, feature branch (unstable features are added here, backported to 218xx (this tree is based on COM1, so older base os code, but the UX code is newer [user experience])
22xxx = SEMC sony ericsson
230xx = COM3, continuing development of
234xx = COM4, continuing development of 6.5.1
235xx = COM5,continuing development of 6.5.5 (Office 2010, threaded email)
236xx = LG Electronics
24xxx = HTC
28xxx, 282xx = WMD(IE changes)