Download bug fixed and rom information

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Download bug fixed and information about the next rom

The bug that prevented you from downloading roms has been fixed. This morning I was working on the security of some website features and it seems like somethig went wrong. But it's fixed now!

Thanks to everyone who reported the bug!

About the next rom, I am to busy at the moment but a new sys is coming again soon(23548). I will try to cook and release a new rom with that sys in the upcoming days


20-03-2010 - 22:57

Hallo Christian, ik krijg steeds een update error [262]. weet jij hier een oplossing voor? Liggie.

21-03-2010 - 23:38

good job christian ,please help me i have instaling tue update of the sony ericsson xperia x2 in my phone xperia x1 and i have some difficult to enter in the menu of parametres .please can you help me