Remove ezinput question!

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You can vote now if you like to have ezinput removed from the full rom

I'm wondering what you users think about removing ezinput 1.5 in the rom? Personally I never use it anymore and it messes up the ae key and some other keyboard related things. Are many people using it or is it almost never used.

Ofcourse we still have fingerkeyboard so not really a problem for me to remove it and it will save some space. Incase you don't know what keyboard I mean it's the full querty, phone pad and compact querty in the full rom.

I like to hear what you think about this! Please share your opinion now!


24-03-2010 - 21:48

HI Christian, i think its better to remove it, i never use it beside if someone likes it they always can download it...

24-03-2010 - 22:14

Hey Christian, I always use the full querty. If you decide to remove it, can you put a download on the xda-thread or something? Thanks.

25-03-2010 - 04:41

Use it once, but seem not work. Better remove it. Also symbol pad, Keyboard never use.

25-03-2010 - 08:00

i like this option and it works fine. if you decide to remove it, please put download some where. thanks.

25-03-2010 - 10:27

Don't be insane!! It is the only thing i use!! i haven't opened the actual keyboard on my x1 in like 1 whole year!!

25-03-2010 - 10:28

fine, do as you please. just know that 4.920 will be my last ever rom i use from you.

25-03-2010 - 11:03

i always disable all inputs ,and install fingerkeyboard & use it. so take ez out

25-03-2010 - 17:13

HI, Not used the finger Kb so just trying it. Don't usually use the compact qwerty - dislike it! Usually use the full qwerty..

25-03-2010 - 18:00

Hi Christian, When it messes up things then remove it. I like the full querty and use it most of the time. But! Till today, then a bug I only can use the fingerkeyboard. So removing it gives me no other choice;-) Trouwens. Deze rom deed tot nu toe nergens moeilijk. Totdat ik niets meer kon instellen op de input. Nu hard reset aan t doen. Dan weet ik weer waar ik zit. Dank Christian, de rom is great!

26-03-2010 - 06:08

Common guys dont make it so big deal(mr. JAKE)...its easy downlodable small cab file. and i think there is newer version - ezinput 2.1 (im not shure if its new) Christians roms is faster, better and easy to use....and that small thing wouldn't change anything remove it or not i'm still gonna use this roms and waiting for new releases...

26-03-2010 - 11:12

Oke, I will think about it again. Like some of you said before I can create a cab of it and put that up for download. It's just that it messes up some hardware keyboard features. If anyone has a fix for that then this would not even be a problem. There is a 2.1 ezinput yes but that one doesn't work like it should without all the manila shizzle. For example when I cook it in I will only get one keyboard since it needs some manila shizzle to get all the 3 keyboards. So not really an option for me.