New rom coming based on 23554, no ezinput anymore

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New rom coming based on 23554 and ezinput 1.5 will be removed from the next rom

First I would like to tell you that I'm going to remove the ezinput(full/compact querty, phone pad). But I already created a cab for the WWE and NL version so incase you really want it you can just download and install it yourself. This way other people can have the ae button and such things.

I'm also working on a new rom based on the newest COM 5 sys 23554. The 23554 had a big issue with the menu. I've worked on it for the whole evening but finally duttythroy helped me out and it got fixed. So now the only thing that is left is to test drive a bit with this new build.

The changelog will be online when I'm going to release the rom. Same for the zinput 1.5 cab. For now not much more information about the new rom just one thing. The 23554 is really fast. Even faster then the latest roms.


30-03-2010 - 10:20

Hi, thanks for your great work. I hope I will finally be able to install the FULL WWE version, as the 4.920 was freezing at the start, and the 4.800 was bugging the whole time on my X1. I just wanted to inform you that there is an update of the Microsoft Phone that came out about a week ago. If you can include it on your next release, it would not be bad, if not, no worries. Thanks anyway from Germany

30-03-2010 - 11:11

Do you mean the new new myphone?