Ezinput(Full/Compact querty, phonepad) cab

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Ezinput 1.5 cab file for dutch and english

Since the ezinput 1.5(full/compact querty and phone pad) keyboard will be removed in the next rom I created two cabs to install the keyboard if you want.

I made an cab for the dutch(NL, 0413) roms and one for the english(WWE, 0409) roms.

Download links can be found below or in my xda rom topic:

Ezinput(full/compact querty, phone pad) 1.5 keyboard:
- Dutch(NL) version(0143): Rapidshare || Sendspace
- English(WWE) version(0409): Rapidshare || Sendspace

I did some testing witht he dutch cab and it was working fine for me. Just be sure to install on the phone and not the memory card. If any problems arrise with the cabs just comment below and I will look into it.

Update: Here is also the Opera mobile 9.5 cab for the people who like it: rapidshare mirror


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06-04-2010 - 23:55

What nothing?

12-04-2010 - 17:47

It works good with my phone, thank you very much! I've an Acer DX900 and the phonepad was not installed on it, now i can sms on the old fasioned way (quick without the stylus) THANKS, Rodney

Babar Ali
22-04-2010 - 22:08

where from i can download this rom????????

13-11-2010 - 02:50

The download links from sendspace didn't work. Please give another link.

30-08-2013 - 18:20

Thanky Thanky for all this good intfnmaoior!

01-09-2013 - 08:36

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