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New rom 5.000 based on 23554 online now!

A new rom with version number 5.000(nice version number since every 0.1 is another rom that means I cooked about 50 or more roms now!). I didn't know how to make this 5.00 really special but I think the sys already does since this is the fastest sys in a long time.

First here is the change log:

- new sys: 23554(Branche: COM5)(Timebomb fixed): really fast, new office icons
- Myphone updated to 1.6.2718
- Arkswitch updated to 1.1.4
- Icalparse updated to 1.1.8
- Menus fixed(thanks to duttythroy)
- ezinput 1.5(full/compact querty, phone keypad) removed(cab is available to install)
- ae button working now(because of ezinput removed)
- holding hardware keyboard button to get capital letter working now(also because of ezinput)

No new features in this sys except the excellent speed. Oh I almost forgot, they updated the office icons. Really something we were waiting for right?

Then we come to the second part of the change log. Some apps have been updated like myphone is now on version number 1.6. and Arkswitch and icalparse have been updated again.

The 23554 sys had a problem in the begin that menu's like the menu in file-explorer and sms couldn't be closed. But this has been fixed now(Thanks to duttythroy).

One of the big changes in this rom is the ezinput 1.5 that has been removed. Incase you don't know what it is read here. More users voted to remove it then holding it in the rom. But since I don't like to let users down I created 2 cabs that will give you the change to install it anyway and got the keyboards back. The cab can be downloaded here. The cab has been tested by me and everything was fine. In case you got any problems feel free to post a comment and I will try to fix it.

Now you're maybe asking why I would remove it. It's because of the last 2 points(and because I never used it anymore and it will give more free space). The ae key is working now. Also the capital letters will show up now by holding one of the hardware keyboard buttons.

I hope this is good enough for a 5.000. Don't wait any longer and just give it a try yourself, I hope you like it.

Oh, and don't forgot to drop a nice comment or feedback;)


30-03-2010 - 19:47

Blimey! That was quick!!. Shall wait for the weekend to upload to my phone but hope it is a bit faster that 4.9 (which was pretty good). Thanks, yet again, for all your hard work.. :)

31-03-2010 - 00:43

I will try this one if you could post the opera 9.5 that used to be in that clean rom. Do you know if the install will overwrite the opera 10 or be a second opera? Thanks

31-03-2010 - 14:00

That's quit fine~ I'll try it at once~

31-03-2010 - 14:24

Will upload the cab this evening or tonight together with the clean rom

31-03-2010 - 16:10

Opera 9.5 cab can be found here:

31-03-2010 - 19:12

Thanks so much, downloading now. Only waiting for the Clean Rom.... the way, will this opera over-install opera 10 or hang in there as a second opera?

31-03-2010 - 19:26

To be honest I don't know. On dutch rom it will not for sure since it's installed in another folder but in english it may do. You have to give it a try yourself. Rom will be up tonight I think have to do some other things before I have time to cook

31-03-2010 - 21:38

31-03-2010 - 22:06

Weet je wat trouwens... Ik installeer Mobile Shell 3.5.3 wel gewoon. 't Zal vast niet kunnen.. ;)

31-03-2010 - 23:10

Hi, I installed it yesterday, and it worked great. I could finally install teh FULL version without any prob. Just one thing, I had a prob with the Microsoft My Phone app. When I clicked on it, it opened for half a second, and closed again. So I donwloaded the cab from the microsoft website, installed it , and everything perfect. Thanks again for your great ROM. Have a nice evening Bye

01-04-2010 - 00:32

@ponkie: heb het zelf wel eens bij 2.5 panel edition gedaan z'n thema en werkte toen gewoon dus ga er vanuit dat het bij 3.0.1 ook nog gewoon kan. Maar 3.5.3 standalone installeren kan inderdaad ook. @elpidio: didn't it start again when it closes? Since my cooked in myphone is just fine.

01-04-2010 - 06:15

Okay, I have the clean rom and in the se panels, even though the date/regional settings are set to UK and NOT US, the full date shows in UK 2nd April, but in the appointment on the bottom it show in US = 4/2 instead of 2/4(!). Was not so before.

01-04-2010 - 13:53

Hi Christian, Can you please upload the new ROM on an FTP cause it's too hard for me to get it via these sites ( rapid, mega and sendspace ) thank you alot

01-04-2010 - 14:42

@michael: I've looked into it but don't know how to do it. Should be fine the way you did it. @little_devil: I don't have an ftp with much bandwight available at the moment so it isn't possible sorry.

01-04-2010 - 15:47

Well, should it not show the date the SAME on top AND bottom (calendar appointments) when set to i.e. UK Regional? Does it do the same on your phone? I think there is something in the rom (full rom that is still in clean rom) that is responsible for this. Especially since I have not yet even installed anything.

01-04-2010 - 16:53

It does the same for me in the SE panel. I think this is a bug in the panel. Think it has always been there(I'm not really using any of the panels except media panel and titanium so i'm not sure). Don't think it has anything to do with any installed apps.

01-04-2010 - 19:02

In English... (Maybe more people are interested..) When I used WM6.1 I had replaced my windows (start) logo with the Ericsson logo. Also the wait icon could be changed. This mod can be found here: I was wondering if a similar mod could be applied to WM6.5, or if anyone might have seen this mod anywhere on the net ?

01-04-2010 - 19:10

Hi, I have experienced time/date issues with sony panels before Sony panel 2 (with clock) has the wrong time (hour behind) despite the settings int he phone correct. A sony issue I think more than anything else. Have yet to update but the above info is good for most of the builds if I remember. With the fish panel however I notice there seems to be two links to Contacts and was sure the second (or first) should have been something else)? Likely to get 5.0 on this weekend as I'll have time to tweak the rest of the phone.. :o)

01-04-2010 - 20:06

@ponkie: all those files are just images that you can change or install a theme that has changed the images. @ctcnetwork: Thanks for the info, don't think we can fix this but from the other side it's not really something annoying right?

01-04-2010 - 23:28

ctcnetwork, the issue you describe is another one. You just go when you have the se panel selected into Options and check Summertime... and voila your time is correct again ;-)

03-04-2010 - 04:17

Hi, @ michaelthemage - Got it - thanks. Loaded the new ROM and getting used to the finger KB. Not missing the other yet!. Seems pretty fast too. Excellent.. Almost makes me not want an X3/X10.. :o) Excellent so far. Thanks...

07-04-2010 - 00:35

My question is: How can I change the lenguage to english ??? PLS HELP !!

07-04-2010 - 01:58

Fistro, you have to flash the WWE rom instead of the NL rom

09-04-2010 - 10:24

Hi Christian, I am using your ROMs for a couple of months, and are really great! Great job! I installed 5.000, and I have a little problem with Media Panel. I select it, but it only show the logo of the panel, and nothing else. I really need this panel because I use FM radio. Can you help me? Thanks!

09-04-2010 - 19:07

HHi, Catacraciun Media panel working for me Ok. Maybe reload the ROM? Certainly nothing wrong with either mlaying music or the radio on mine. Just tested to make sure. Make sure to back up any changes you have made sine installing this ROM. Luck...

10-04-2010 - 17:22


12-04-2010 - 20:41

Hello. I am now using 5.120 ROM, and the Media panel it's working :). By the way, the sense panel is great! Maybe you will include in later releases Sense 2.5:) Thanks

13-04-2010 - 02:03

Hi, Something a little strange. I have re-installed this following my failed attempts with 5.120. When using SPB Mobile Shell i seem to lose the icons along the top for signal, connection and battery etc... This when the phone is in portrait. Change to landscape and they appear. Back to portrait they are gone. Task Manager shows Arcswitch as running, Closing that brings the icons back!! Seems random in it's occurrence and does not happen with other panels..

13-04-2010 - 19:27

Uhmm, that's weird. To be honest I haven't a answer to that ctc. Try to reflash incase you can't fix it.

13-04-2010 - 22:14

Hi, Yes, and not regular. Seems to like happening when I click the lock link to lock the phone. Might try a format with Mitty (?) as you mention in the 5.120 ROM and see what happens. I have now also managed to export all my reg keys and create one reg file so that updating ROM's will be even easier in future. No spending and hour and a half resetting up ring tones and boot screens.. :o) Thanks once again..

14-04-2010 - 20:01

Hi, Just to let folks know, I formatted the phone memory using and all issues were gone.. :o) One issue though. My registry file didn't seem to work in adding the sounds correctly for each of the events listed. Is there a recommended way in doing this or is this an ask on the XDA forums type thing.. Thanks.. CTC

14-04-2010 - 23:02

To behonest I don't really understand what you want to do in the registry

17-04-2010 - 21:04

Hi Christian, This sort of thing: . I have an answer to the initial query on the registry.. Use \\ and not \ to get the keys to import correctly. But the answer opens up other possibilities I didn't know about.. Happy ROM'ing.. CTC

18-04-2010 - 02:43

Hello Christian ... Your roms are better every single day!!! im using this rom but my radio panel doesnt work, what i should do,can you help me please? thanks

22-04-2010 - 21:39

Radio panel is in the media panel so you don't need the stadalone media panel