New Christian's Rom 5.120

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New rom based on 23557, COM5. New X2 panelmanager and Sense 2.1 panel included.


Here's a new rom. After about a week of testing, tweaking and fixing. I feel that's it's time to release the new rom.

Version number is 5.120 and the changelog is really big. So here it is:

- new sys: 23557(Branche: COM5)(Timebomb fixed):
- Panelmanager updated to R133
- XKeyHandler updated to R113
- Xpframework updated from X2
- Xpfilterdeploy added from X2
- Tilewave panel updated(nice battery meter)
- Flashpanel files updated from x2
- Twitter panel removed
- Xperiatweak fonts removed(fixes the font issue in googlemaps etc)
- Icalparse updated to 1.3.0
- Manila_2_1_19202517_0 added(for the panel, you can also enable it as default)
- Sense 2.1 panel added
- AudioManager_Eng_1_7_19202329_h added for sense music tab
- Some files from other rhodium packages added to get all sense tabs working
- Ameba 0.8rc added for position fix(panels/sense/apps)
- Ameba settings 0.2 added
- Opera Mobile 10 set as default browser
- Arkswitch icon fixed in dutch roms
- Homescreen customizer really in dutch now on dutch roms
- MarketplaceRegionSwitch removed(not needed anymore you can change region with newest marketplace)
* Little bug at first run. Screen will turn white before "tap the screen" screen. Just wait and it will be fine in a few minutes

I will start with the sys. I didn't test much with the new sys but it seems to be a bit faster again.

Then we got all the new X2 stuff. The panelmanager has been updated and many other components. So we got a new panelmanager and tilewave panel. This tilewave panel got a nice battery meter now. Be sure to check it out!

I removed the twitter panel since I'm personally not using it and it isn't hard to just install it(cab can be found on Sony Ericsson website).

The fonts from xperiatweaks have been removed. This fixes the weird font issue in google maps and the sense panel. Like always Icalparse got an update again to version 1.3.0.

Then we got the special part. In the full rom we got a true sense panel now. It's based on sense 2.1(it's 2.1 because 2.5 needs to much space and then you can't install anything yourself anymore). Sense can also be unabled as default over titanium but it's ment to be as a panel for the rom. Hope you like this special suprise!

I included ameba to position fix sense and some other panels(so now the weird bar at the top has been fixed). Incase it doesn't work just open and close the start menu and it will be fixed. You can also change the settings of ameba with the settings app in the tools folder. It will also allow you to make the x button close the apps if you like(it's set to minimize from default).

Opera 10 is the default browser now. So when you press a link not Internet explorer but Opera will launch.

Then for the dutch rom Homescreencustomizer is finally in dutch now(took some time but it's working!). I also removed marketplace region switcher since it's not needed anymore because you can change region from the marketplace app.

And then we got a little bug in the rom that can't be fixed. I think it's because of the new panelmanager or other components that has been changed. But before you see the "tap the screen to continue" you will have a white screen. It's not really important since you can just wait and it doesn't have any side effects.

Hope you will like this rom. So don't wait any longer and flash!

Enjoy and don't forget to give feedback!


kevin jansen
09-04-2010 - 21:47

ik doe al een tijd mee met je roms maar heb nu een thema gevonden in de look van windows 7 maar krijg t er maar niet op werkt maar voor de helft kan je maby een rom stuuren waar weer thema's op zitte ben beetje uitgekeken op cristians 1 en 2 thema en die andre vind ik al helemaal niks ik hoop dat je me hiermee kunt helpen en vind echt super dat je hier mee bezig houd maar de aller eerste rom die je had was nog t beste voor mij kon toen gratis op internet met mij prepaid zonder beltg mvg kj

10-04-2010 - 00:54

Woah! This like a complete version upgrade... I was just thinking earlier that I wanna flash your 5.0 version tomorrow since I have time to modify my personal settings. Thanks for your great work, it makes my phone awesome!

10-04-2010 - 01:44

Bugger! Just as I was getting used to that nice, fast 5.0 ROM... Out you come with another, faster ROM with surprises! Were you able to sort the tile panel font issue? I did think it strange on Google Maps that you could hardly read the messages! Well done.. Again more work on your part - much appreciated.. Must make a donation for you.. :o) CTC...

10-04-2010 - 13:34

Dag Christian, ik maak nu al een tijdje gebruik van je roms & ben er erg tevreden mee! Alleen ik heb nu opeens het probleem dat als ik op 1 van de buttons druk de hele mobiel vastloopt? Ik begrijp er niets van. Heb hem al helemaal gereset maar niks helpt? Heb jij misschien enig idee? Bedankt, Tim

10-04-2010 - 15:00

Well... That HTC Touchflow panel. Runs like a dog on my phone for some reason. Seems to make the whole phone slower too! Can't seem to set home location from the settings screen - missing file. "AGPSSettings cannot be opened. Either it is not signed with a trusted certificate, or one of it's components cannot be found. If the problem persists, try reinstalling or restoring this file." so may need to be checked. I may well reflash the ROM later and see what happens.. CTC...

10-04-2010 - 17:03

thank you christian

10-04-2010 - 17:18


10-04-2010 - 20:01

Yup, I can confirm that WWE-version doesn't have AGPS. So My Location in HTC Sense won't work/ And HTC Sense slider is a bit slow. The Windows start-bar overlaps it a bit and the Sense-panel picture is Sense 2.5 & not 2.1 (just a detail :p) For the rest, it's a good rom :)

11-04-2010 - 04:41

Hi, No, that HTC Sense is running like a dog for me... Apart from not alway activating when selected from the panal manager it does take a good while to load. Even when loaded, it is very choppy and prone to freezing. Was trying the WWE full ROM but I am off back to 5.0. No idea why this is so bad on my phone.. CTC

11-04-2010 - 21:40

Is ROM 5.120 for X1 too?

Azhari Sadig
11-04-2010 - 23:50

Great Work but my language is Arabic, so when i install arabic from v6.1 i had some problems but now every thing is ok. Great work Azhari, Sudan

12-04-2010 - 10:35

Hi Christian, this roms is faster untill your phone has started. Then somehow it's sluggish and my phone keeps freezing. Some programs won't start and the synchronisation of mails and agenda is terrible. think I'm going back to 5.0 too. Sense won't even start at my phone. Soo please take it away!

12-04-2010 - 11:39

About the agps and the myu location thing: I know this! I'm working on it and hope to have it fixed in the next rom. @drex: yes @azhari: what language would you change? @coos: don't have a problem here. Sense is working fine(not really fast but usable). What should be the differents between your phone and mine? Did you install anything that could mess up the rom?

12-04-2010 - 14:57

Thanks Christian. ROM 5.120 installs properly on my phone. The problem is, after installation, when I reboot, it stops. It does not oontinue on after "xperia".

12-04-2010 - 15:09

Hey Chris, cool om te zien dat je met Manila rommelt :) Ik wilde eigenlijk net gaan vragen of jij denkt dat Manila 2.5 ooit soepel draait op een X1 en of je die in de toekomst wellicht zou kunnen verwerken in jouw ROM. Gebruik Manila 2.5 nu een tijdje en hij is "choppy".

12-04-2010 - 18:42

i'm wait this Ver.. Try this rom?? No problems this rom right??

12-04-2010 - 20:49

Hi Christian. This ROM is really great, Sense Panel is running really smooth, there are some little bugs in this panel, but it's ok. Thank you! Maybe you will try Sense 2.5, it's really great, and I think X1 can run it smooth. Have a nice day!

12-04-2010 - 21:37

I think the reason why it cannot continue on ... after reboot .... is the low storage memory. Drex

12-04-2010 - 22:22

Hi, Catacraciun: "Maybe you will try Sense 2.5, it's really great, and I think X1 can run it smooth" From what little I have read, that is designed to run on smartphones with 1Ghz processors so I doubt it will run that well on the X1. I wait to be proved wrong though.. :o) Odd things happening on my 5.0 re-install so keeping an eye on both these for updates and news.. CTC

13-04-2010 - 09:24

Hi CTC, I've tried EnergyROM, and Valkyrie ROM, both have Sense 2.5. They were running great on my X1, the only problem is that my phone was freezing, once a day, specially during night, because I was not working with it :). One morning, my alarm didn't ring, and I missed the bus :)))), so I returned to Christian ROM.

13-04-2010 - 13:22

@drex: try to format your phone via mtty before you flash. I don't think it could be the storage. Or do you install about 30/40 apps on first boot? In that case you better install them on your memory card since that would also solve the problem @ctacraciun & ctc: I'm not going to include 2.5 and it isn't for one of your reasons. It's because it's just to big. It needs about 2.5 times the space thats needed for 2.1. And since it's just a panel I think that's to much. From the other side is there really so much different that could explain the space that's needed? I don't think so. I'm working on fixing the bugs in 2.1 at the moment and hope to release a rom without bugs in the sense panel in the near future.

13-04-2010 - 15:48

Thanks Christian. I am not much of a techie. How do I format my phone using MTTY? Where will I get the format program? Drex

13-04-2010 - 17:58

Check xda for the app and a guide

13-04-2010 - 18:36

Got it !! Thank you.

14-04-2010 - 02:37

Hi, Drex: Try this one for MTTY, also on XDA-Dev - Saves the hassle you get (or can get) with using MTTY and achieves the same. Luck... CTC

14-04-2010 - 14:11

Hi, I've just subscribed to Your RSS, but it seems links from within RSS does not go directly to news article, some url mixed-up. from RSS goes to: but should to: 10x

14-04-2010 - 14:55

@huse: If everything went well it's fixed now. Please test and tell me! Thanks for the bug report.

14-04-2010 - 17:25

To CTC, Thanks so much for your help. Drex

14-04-2010 - 21:31

@Christian: RSS works fine now! Great! 10x

15-04-2010 - 10:54

- Homescreen customizer really in dutch now on dutch roms You did it Chris ! :D Did you have to do registry tweaking? It was so annoying to have to uninstall the english one and download the dutch one. thumbs up!

15-04-2010 - 11:49

15-04-2010 - 22:44

hey chris, ik gebruik je laatste versie, maar de camera werkt niet! zodra ik die start loopt ie helemaal vast! meer mensen met dit probleem!? groeten

16-04-2010 - 22:32

Heeey kerel! ( ik neem aan dat je nederlands bent) :P maar goed gedaan man!! je nieuwe rom is geweldig... ik maakte al een tijdje gebruik van jou oudere rom (3.nogwatnogwat) :P zo zie je maar hoelang ik daar gebruik van heb gemaakt omdat ie zo geweldig was... maar deze is nog beter!!! Goed bezig kerel... Keep up the good work... ik kijk ernaar uit op je nieuwe aankomende roms!!! mocht het zijn dat ik iets opmerk, dan meld ik dat wel effe bij jou ;) Gr.

18-04-2010 - 11:13

Hey hallow kerel... ik heb gistere een probleem gekrege met m'n telefoon... telkens als ik 'm opnieuw wil opstarten, dan kwam ie niet verder dan het xperia-startschermpje. En 'als' ie verder kwam... dan kreeg ik een heeel andere rom te zien... gewoon windows 6.5.. maar droog en dood zonder wat voor een programma dan ook of panel. ik denk ook dat ik net als de meeste wel ong dezelfde problemen heb... wel jammer. want toen hij t nog wel deed was ie superfijn ...

18-04-2010 - 14:22

Hello again Christian. The last ROM I used before upgrading to 5.120 was 4.401. I tried flashing using MTTY Set 14 0, Task 29 and Task 8. I install HARD-SPL and I when I verified it, it has OLINEX ... I used ROMUPDATEUTILITY to load ROM 5.120. It goes on to its usual process. It does it reboot and give me the usual panel. The problem is when I shutdown and power-on again, it losses its ROM. I can only go to 'XPERIA' and stays there for hours and hours. Can you please help me again. Thanks

18-04-2010 - 14:42


18-04-2010 - 15:13

Thanks Burrn. Drex

18-04-2010 - 15:42

Incase that doesn't work try mtty or task29(from agent: This will completely format your phone internal flash and after that you can flash again and all problems will be solved

18-04-2010 - 17:15

I did try Burrn's suggestion. But also, it did not work. I tried Christian's suggestion using Task 29 found in It did work to certain point. It installed the ROM 5.120. I was able to sync using Windows Mobile Device center. I can received calls. The problem starts when I tried to configure the speed dial. I cannot edit the contacts. I tried to go to different panels. It stopped responding. I called my cell phone again. It was ringing. It kept on ringing even though the other phone hang up already. The performance deteriorated rapidly. It was not responding to any touch of the screen anymore. I took the battery out. I pressed the power button. No response. I pressed the power button again and it responded showing "Sony Ericcson". After that, there was no response at all for minutes until the battery drained. I appreciate all the help I am getting from a lot of people. I have other cell phone but X1 seems to be special to me. Thanks

19-04-2010 - 22:28

I finally solve my problem. I went back to Burrn's suggestion. I loaded the original wm 6.1 image. The I loaded 5.120 and it is working flawlessly. Thanks Burrn. Drex

19-04-2010 - 22:34

Nice to hear you fixed it, new rom is coming soon btw;)

19-04-2010 - 22:47

Glad to hear you solved the problem!

21-04-2010 - 00:11

21-04-2010 - 10:50

Thanks Christian for this great ROM. in addition to some of the issues already mentioned on HTC panel i fail to add contacts under the people tab. camera does not start when pressing the camera icon in photos and videos tab. are these known issues, or specific to my phone? i have formatted my phone via task 29 and reinstalled ROM 5.120. the problems persist.

21-04-2010 - 13:14

It has to do with the panel. I'm working on it. A few bugs will be fixed in the next release but not all

21-04-2010 - 22:08

my x1 crash BOOT.EXE ERROR

22-04-2010 - 22:42

I've never heard of this error. Think you have to hard reset. Sorry

30-04-2010 - 10:39

Hi Christian, I also had the boot.exe error (NL Full). But it was also time to upgrade to 5230. So problem solved. I just inform you in case more people come with the same error or in case it was rom 5120 related.

12-08-2010 - 10:10

I have a big problem after the upgrade i have the picture of the startup and on the picture the writting tap the screen to set up your phone but i cannot see where to tap can you help

27-08-2010 - 10:21