New website style and improvements

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New website, new style and more

I did some work on the website. Like you can see it got a new style. I hope you like it and will tell your opinion about it.

Some code got updated, I fixed some bugs and finished the links section. You can now submit your own links and I can approve them to publice them on my website. Most of the work done is in the admin section since it wasn't updated for about a year so I wasn't even able to add a rom via the admin panel. But now I am! This way I can manage the site even better.

I hope you like the new theme. In case you see any bugs in the website please report them to me so I can fix them. If you have any hints feel also free to contact me!
More updates and new features soon!


06-01-2013 - 01:07

Ok I need some help. I followed all the inotiuctrsns to he best of my ability and was able to get the phone successfully rooted. I went to install the new rom and from what the phone is telling me it installed successfully but when it goes to boot back up it doesn't get past the (SAMSUNG www, screen. It's like there is no rom at all. I know I made one huge mistake and that was not backing up the original system. So there is nothing to fall back on. I can't get the new rom to work. HELP PLEASE???!!!???!!!???