JDownloader: simple way to download from One-Click-Hosters

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With this application you can download as simple as it could be from almost any One-Click-Hosters without all the difficulties you normally get.

A few weeks ago someone told me about this application. It's called JDownloader. Since most of you know all my roms and many other stuff on the internet is hosted on One-Click-Hosters like Rapidshare, megaupload, sendspace, hotfile etc. Because of this I really had to share this tool with all my site visitors.

The application helps you downloading from sites like these. You only have to include the link and the application will start download when the download can be downloaded. So you no longer have to put in the catchpas, or wait until the download link appear. For example if you like to download 10 files from rapidshare you just have to copy the files and grab them via the application and JDownloader will manage all files and start downloading when it's available. So you no longer have to take a look at the website over and over again if the waiting time has already passed.

I think it's a nice application and hope some of you like it and find it useful to use.

Link to download JDownloader is:


22-05-2010 - 16:42

Ik snap er eerlijk gezegd niks van. Ik probeer wat van RapidShare te downloaden en hij begint niet :P. Ik hou het maar gewoon bij de browserdownloads.

26-05-2010 - 22:15

Hij "grabted" eerst de links op het moment dat jij de link kopieerd. Hierna moet je hem even starten dat hij bij downloaden staat(rechter muis klik en voortzetten ofz) en dan begint die gelijk

08-01-2013 - 12:37

Nice commentary. last thrtiy times I uncovered this online internet internet site and desired to permit you be conscious that i've been gratified, heading by way of your site’s posts. I should undoubtedly be signing just as as a whole lot since the RSS feed and may wait around for yet another post. Cheers, Glen