New rom coming!

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Some news about the next Christian's Xperia Rom

The new rom will be basedo n 23566 atleast my test version it now. Maybe I will wait a bit for htcpedia to release 23568.

I'm working on a sense 2.5 panel instead of 2.1 but people and twitter tab doesn't work for now. Wondering if I can get that fixed for the release.

For taskmanagers x2 one has been removed and arkswitch is still there! Same for ameba it has also been removed because sense 2.5 don't need it anymore to postion fix it.(you can install both apps yourself).

This is all information for now. More soon!

No ETA. at the moment but probably this week.


02-05-2010 - 22:55

any chance of adding the widget Homesrceen from the Samgung Omnia 2 as a panel or option in a future release, that would be awesome!!!

03-05-2010 - 03:16

Cool. Will the Microsoft My Phone be included on this release. It was not working for the past 2 releases.

03-05-2010 - 10:57

Toch maar aan de 2.5... ;)

03-05-2010 - 12:45

@scott: do you have a link? Haven't seen it. @Drex:it's working fine for me, updates every night. What rom do you use? And what's the problem? @ponkie: ben er mee bezig ja, maar zjin nog wat dingen die neit werken. En sommige zijn er waarschijnlijk ook niet helemaal in te krijgen aangezien het dan overdreven veel extra dingen nodig heeft en dus de rom haast geen vrije ruimte meer over houd en dat is het in mijn ogen niet waard aangezien het maar een panel is. Maar eht algemeen werkt. Voor hoe het er tot nu uit ziet werkt de home, email, sms, agenda, aandelen, fotos, muziek en weer helemaal, people, internet, twitter en settings geven nog wat problemen. People tab denk ik neit te kunnen fixen, internet waarschijnlijk wel en twitter moet ik nog uitzoeken wat het nodig heeft. En settings lijkt me niet echt belangrijk wat er tot nu toe niet werkt

03-05-2010 - 15:40

i try to test your rom ,Thank you very much

04-05-2010 - 03:07

here is a website i found that explains the user interface and has a pretty good video to show it. Believe i have found the app files as well but they don't show up anywhere in the X1 memory after a successful install of the cab files. I know the cab file were meant for the Omnia 2 but i didn't know if there is anything you can do to make them work for us, so here you go.

05-05-2010 - 08:51

Hi Christian. I have been using your roms for some time now, like them a lot, and am currently on the 5.120 version. One issue though that I seem to have had for some time now is that when I try make calls or receive calls there is an incredibly long delay before the phone makes a connection. For example when someone calls me and I answer the call I literally have to wait like 5 seconds after pushing the answer button before saying hello because it hasn't connected yet. Any suggestions? One other thing my favourite keypad is the phone keypad as I can use one hand quite easily for smsing.... I installed the add on you gave I can see the keyboard but it will not change from the fingerboard to the phone keypad? Is there a bug you are aware of? Thanks in advance for any help on these issues....