New Christian's Rom 5.830

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New rom 5.830 based on 22047

Here's a new rom. Based on another branch(Sony Ericsson branch).


- new sys: 22047(Branche: SEMC sony ericsson Branch)(Timebomb fix not needed):
- Icalparse updated to 2.0.0
- Arkswitch updated to 1.2.0


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03-11-2010 - 20:45

welcome back my friend!!

03-11-2010 - 21:20

Never been really away;) Just really busy but I thought it was time for a new release, think you guys agree? Clean rom is coming soon btw

04-11-2010 - 20:54

which radio would you recommend me? i'm tired of media panel to use that.... whe you have media panel switched. and you try to use waze or foursquare it lags a lot hehehe

05-11-2010 - 09:36

FM Radio or what?

06-11-2010 - 22:34

erhy ryr

07-11-2010 - 04:57

cool, eindelijk een nieuwe rom. wanneer komt de clean versie ? heb trouwens ook swype geinstalleerd daar kun je ook nog gewoon mee typen hoor kan je wel een cab bezorgen met ned dictionarie. die gebruik ik namelijk ook. heb je woord voorspelling in het ned is wel zo handig groet en bedankt alvast

08-11-2010 - 02:45

Great to see you're 'back'. Your Rom updates have been the absolute best and user-friendly I've used in the last year. Thanx man

09-11-2010 - 14:35

Is there a way to make the facebook and twitter widgets work in spb-panel and/or in the sense panel? I've been on your 5000 Rom for a long time, without problems, unfortunately this new rom isn't that stable. It looks better fot some reason. Sometimes when receiving an email or call, the phone keeps on vibrating and i can't do anything to stop it, except a reset... Any idea what that could be? I've got the feeling that the sense-panel is more for testing, than for daily use. I hope you won't stop making great ROM's for our Xperia! Thanks for all your hard work so far.

09-11-2010 - 14:37

I forgot to ask whether there's a way to have the threaded mail again, really liked that, and now it doesn't seem to work...

09-11-2010 - 16:12

Clean version has some delay for a few reasons. @bas: about the vibrating, just hit the keyboard(so it wil vibrate) that will stop the vibrating. This is most likely a hardware issue since it also occurs on the stock rom. Threaded email is still in the rom btw. It has been ported from the COM5 branch

09-11-2010 - 16:30

@Christian: I'll try hitting my keyboard, hope it works.. About the threaded email, i expected it to be in your rom, but it doesn't look like it/ i can't find it. Is there a setting for it, i maybe overlooked? I tried somethings, and with outlook email i can't select (gesprekken) (just: Berichttype; Van; Ontvangen; Onderwerp) and with account mail i can. (Berichttype; Van; Ontvangen; Onderwerp; Gesprekken) It used to be in both.

09-11-2010 - 21:40

Threaded mail doesn't work on push E-mails. Do you have that?

09-11-2010 - 21:46

The vibrating happened again, "hitting" the keyboard didn't help. The vibrating started when receiving an email. And the phone acts like being in some kind of SOD, but constantly vibrating. So, nothing left to do but taking out the battery, or a forced reset. Never happened before in other roms. Could this really be a hardware issue?

09-11-2010 - 21:48

@M: Yes, Outlook email is push-email. But with my previous rom it did work. Hence the question.

09-11-2010 - 22:58

@bas: hmm, I meant the soft keyboard but that isn't a solution when the phone got SOD...

10-11-2010 - 22:40

When do you think you upload the clean version christion? Nice work btw!

13-11-2010 - 14:12


20-11-2010 - 14:53