Screenshots and changelog from next rom!

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Some screenshots and a non finished changelog from the next rom

So where shall I start. First here's the changelog:

- new sys: 23569(Branche: COM5)(Timebomb fixed):
- X2 R3AA035 stuff updated
- Panel manager updated to
- flashpanelandMMIIInstall updated(seems like atleast the flash panels postions are fixed now)
- updated xkeyhandler
- updated xpfilterdeploy
- updated xpframework
- updated tilewave panel
- SPB Mobile Shell 3.5.1 panel from x2(even in dutch on dutch roms)

Like you may see many updated x2 apps. Coolest thing in my opinion is the new spb mobile shell 3.5.1 panel.


They look nice, do they?
Then there is also a new panel manager, not much new graphical stuff but seems to be more stable. It only crashed onces(it was a restart message not even a whole crash). Like you may know previous panel manager had many problems with starting sometimes.

For more screenshots click here.

Still no eta for this rom release but I hope it will be soon but i'm not sure about this since it needs some more testing. About the sys, I isnt'set that the sys will be 23569 like you can see in one of the screensthots. Incase any newer sys will be released I will use that one ofcourse!

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New X2 R3AA035 rom and new Christian's Rom info

Rss feed for topic Xperia RomXperia Rom - Posted by: christian On 17-05-2010 @ 23:07

This is so great

Just a quick update about the next rom. It will be based on 23569(atleast if no newer sys will be released in the mean tim).

All x2 stuff will be updated from the newest x2 rom(R3AA035). New panel manager that is much more stable.

And one of the great things I just discovered a SPB MOBILE SHELL 3.5.1 PANEL!!!

More information soon, no eta. at the moment.

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New FTP Server

Rss feed for topic Xperia RomXperia Rom - Posted by: christian On 12-05-2010 @ 23:52 - Updated on: 12-05-2010 @ 23:53

New ftp server to host rom

Like you may have seen I got a new ftp server. It's located in the USA and I got the account from Little devil(Many thanks!). Hope the ones that can't use one-click-file hosters can enjoy my rom now again!

I'm also working on a Europe ftp beside this one(someone else contacted me about this). The roms are also online there now(the "other" link). But I don't have ftp login yet.

More information soon, enjoy!

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New Christian's Rom 5.310

Rss feed for topic Xperia RomXperia Rom - Posted by: christian On 05-05-2010 @ 14:08

New rom 5.310 based on COM 23568 sys

Here's a new rom again. This time it got the sense 2.5 panel and a new sys version 23568. Below you can see the whole changelog:

- new sys: 23568(Branche: COM5)(Timebomb fixed):
- x2 taskmanager removed
- Google maps updated to 4.1
- Icalparse updated to 1.4.2
- application added(one of my personal favorites(dutch))
- Sense 2.5 panel now instead of 2.1!(not completely working since it needs to many packages and that would make the rom to big for just a panel)
- Sense 2.5 cleaned up(Thanks to jerpelea)
- Packages updated and added for sense:
 zzManila 2.5 tweaks

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New rom coming!

Rss feed for topic Xperia RomXperia Rom - Posted by: christian On 02-05-2010 @ 18:13

Some news about the next Christian's Xperia Rom

The new rom will be basedo n 23566 atleast my test version it now. Maybe I will wait a bit for htcpedia to release 23568.

I'm working on a sense 2.5 panel instead of 2.1 but people and twitter tab doesn't work for now. Wondering if I can get that fixed for the release.

For taskmanagers x2 one has been removed and arkswitch is still there! Same for ameba it has also been removed because sense 2.5 don't need it anymore to postion fix it.(you can install both apps yourself).

This is all information for now. More soon!

No ETA. at the moment but probably this week.

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New Christian's Rom 5.230

Rss feed for topic Xperia RomXperia Rom - Posted by: christian On 21-04-2010 @ 17:13 - Updated on: 21-04-2010 @ 17:15

New rom 5.230 online with sys 23563.

A new rom with COM 5 sys 23563 has been released in the xperia rom section. Here's the changelog:

- new sys: 23563(Branche: COM5)(Timebomb fixed):
- my location working in sense now(thanks to jerpelea)
- HTCGeoService_1_0_19191424_10 added
- GoogleLocationService_1_0_1_21 added
- TimeZoneAutoFix_1_0_19192032_00 added
- Camera soft-key on home tab sense assigned
- Ameba settings updated to version 0.3
- Midomi packages cleaned up
- Icalparse updated to 1.3.6

Not much to explain I think. Have fun and tell me if you like it!

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New Christian's Rom 5.120

Rss feed for topic Xperia RomXperia Rom - Posted by: christian On 09-04-2010 @ 21:26 - Updated on: 20-04-2010 @ 23:06

New rom based on 23557, COM5. New X2 panelmanager and Sense 2.1 panel included.


Here's a new rom. After about a week of testing, tweaking and fixing. I feel that's it's time to release the new rom.

Version number is 5.120 and the changelog is really big. So here it is:

- new sys: 23557(Branche: COM5)(Timebomb fixed):
- Panelmanager updated to R133
- XKeyHandler updated to R113
- Xpframework updated from X2
- Xpfilterdeploy added from X2
- Tilewave panel updated(nice battery meter)
- Flashpanel files updated from x2
- Twitter panel removed
- Xperiatweak fonts removed(fixes the font issue in googlemaps etc)
- Icalparse updated to 1.3.0
- Manila_2_1_19202517_0 added(for the panel, you can also enable it as default)
- Sense 2.1 panel added
- AudioManager_Eng_1_7_19202329_h added for sense music tab
- Some files from other rhodium packages added to get all sense tabs working
- Ameba 0.8rc added for position fix(panels/sense/apps)
- Ameba settings 0.2 added
- Opera Mobile 10 set as default browser
- Arkswitch icon fixed in dutch roms
- Homescreen customizer really in dutch now on dutch roms
- MarketplaceRegionSwitch removed(not needed anymore you can change region with newest marketplace)
* Little bug at first run. Screen will turn white before "tap the screen" screen. Just wait and it will be fine in a few minutes

I will start with the sys. I didn't test much with the new sys but it seems to be a bit faster again.

Then we got all the new X2 stuff. The panelmanager has been updated and many other components. So we got a new panelmanager and tilewave panel. This tilewave panel got a nice battery meter now. Be sure to check it out!

I removed the twitter panel since I'm personally not using it and it isn't hard to just install it(cab can be found on Sony Ericsson website).

The fonts from xperiatweaks have been removed. This fixes the weird font issue in google maps and the sense panel. Like always Icalparse got an update again to version 1.3.0.

Then we got the special part. In the full rom we got a true sense panel now. It's based on sense 2.1(it's 2.1 because 2.5 needs to much space and then you can't install anything yourself anymore). Sense can also be unabled as default over titanium but it's ment to be as a panel for the rom. Hope you like this special suprise!

I included ameba to position fix sense and some other panels(so now the weird bar at the top has been fixed). Incase it doesn't work just open and close the start menu and it will be fixed. You can also change the settings of ameba with the settings app in the tools folder. It will also allow you to make the x button close the apps if you like(it's set to minimize from default).

Opera 10 is the default browser now. So when you press a link not Internet explorer but Opera will launch.

Then for the dutch rom Homescreencustomizer is finally in dutch now(took some time but it's working!). I also removed marketplace region switcher since it's not needed anymore because you can change region from the marketplace app.

And then we got a little bug in the rom that can't be fixed. I think it's because of the new panelmanager or other components that has been changed. But before you see the "tap the screen to continue" you will have a white screen. It's not really important since you can just wait and it doesn't have any side effects.

Hope you will like this rom. So don't wait any longer and flash!

Enjoy and don't forget to give feedback!

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Xperia X2 Rom R1BA023 dump

Rss feed for topic Xperia RomXperia Rom - Posted by: christian On 03-04-2010 @ 21:10 - Updated on: 03-04-2010 @ 22:51

New Xperia X2 R1BA023 rom dumped.

I extracted the new Xperia x2 rom: APP-SW_VULCAN_GENERIC_EN_1230-7729_SIGNED_R1BA023-R7A

Below you can find a list of all included cabs in this rom. Now i'm going to look in the cabs and see if I can use some cabs in future roms. From what I've seen for now there is atleast a new panelmanager so that's worth testing.

More information about the next rom and the updates in this rom will be announced later. Here's the list:


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New Christian's Rom 5.000

Rss feed for topic Xperia RomXperia Rom - Posted by: christian On 30-03-2010 @ 19:25

New rom 5.000 based on 23554 online now!

A new rom with version number 5.000(nice version number since every 0.1 is another rom that means I cooked about 50 or more roms now!). I didn't know how to make this 5.00 really special but I think the sys already does since this is the fastest sys in a long time.

First here is the change log:

- new sys: 23554(Branche: COM5)(Timebomb fixed): really fast, new office icons
- Myphone updated to 1.6.2718
- Arkswitch updated to 1.1.4
- Icalparse updated to 1.1.8
- Menus fixed(thanks to duttythroy)
- ezinput 1.5(full/compact querty, phone keypad) removed(cab is available to install)
- ae button working now(because of ezinput removed)
- holding hardware keyboard button to get capital letter working now(also because of ezinput)

No new features in this sys except the excellent speed. Oh I almost forgot, they updated the office icons. Really something we were waiting for right?

Then we come to the second part of the change log. Some apps have been updated like myphone is now on version number 1.6. and Arkswitch and icalparse have been updated again.

The 23554 sys had a problem in the begin that menu's like the menu in file-explorer and sms couldn't be closed. But this has been fixed now(Thanks to duttythroy).

One of the big changes in this rom is the ezinput 1.5 that has been removed. Incase you don't know what it is read here. More users voted to remove it then holding it in the rom. But since I don't like to let users down I created 2 cabs that will give you the change to install it anyway and got the keyboards back. The cab can be downloaded here. The cab has been tested by me and everything was fine. In case you got any problems feel free to post a comment and I will try to fix it.

Now you're maybe asking why I would remove it. It's because of the last 2 points(and because I never used it anymore and it will give more free space). The ae key is working now. Also the capital letters will show up now by holding one of the hardware keyboard buttons.

I hope this is good enough for a 5.000. Don't wait any longer and just give it a try yourself, I hope you like it.

Oh, and don't forgot to drop a nice comment or feedback;)

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Ezinput(Full/Compact querty, phonepad) cab

Rss feed for topic Xperia RomXperia Rom - Posted by: christian On 30-03-2010 @ 15:54 - Updated on: 31-03-2010 @ 16:09

Ezinput 1.5 cab file for dutch and english

Since the ezinput 1.5(full/compact querty and phone pad) keyboard will be removed in the next rom I created two cabs to install the keyboard if you want.

I made an cab for the dutch(NL, 0413) roms and one for the english(WWE, 0409) roms.

Download links can be found below or in my xda rom topic:

Ezinput(full/compact querty, phone pad) 1.5 keyboard:
- Dutch(NL) version(0143): Rapidshare || Sendspace
- English(WWE) version(0409): Rapidshare || Sendspace

I did some testing witht he dutch cab and it was working fine for me. Just be sure to install on the phone and not the memory card. If any problems arrise with the cabs just comment below and I will look into it.

Update: Here is also the Opera mobile 9.5 cab for the people who like it: rapidshare mirror

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New rom coming based on 23554, no ezinput anymore

Rss feed for topic Xperia RomXperia Rom - Posted by: christian On 30-03-2010 @ 02:13

New rom coming based on 23554 and ezinput 1.5 will be removed from the next rom

First I would like to tell you that I'm going to remove the ezinput(full/compact querty, phone pad). But I already created a cab for the WWE and NL version so incase you really want it you can just download and install it yourself. This way other people can have the ae button and such things.

I'm also working on a new rom based on the newest COM 5 sys 23554. The 23554 had a big issue with the menu. I've worked on it for the whole evening but finally duttythroy helped me out and it got fixed. So now the only thing that is left is to test drive a bit with this new build.

The changelog will be online when I'm going to release the rom. Same for the zinput 1.5 cab. For now not much more information about the new rom just one thing. The 23554 is really fast. Even faster then the latest roms.

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Remove ezinput question!

Rss feed for topic Xperia RomXperia Rom - Posted by: christian On 24-03-2010 @ 20:06

You can vote now if you like to have ezinput removed from the full rom

I'm wondering what you users think about removing ezinput 1.5 in the rom? Personally I never use it anymore and it messes up the ae key and some other keyboard related things. Are many people using it or is it almost never used.

Ofcourse we still have fingerkeyboard so not really a problem for me to remove it and it will save some space. Incase you don't know what keyboard I mean it's the full querty, phone pad and compact querty in the full rom.

I like to hear what you think about this! Please share your opinion now!

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UPDATED: New Christian's Rom 4.920

Rss feed for topic Xperia RomXperia Rom - Posted by: christian On 18-03-2010 @ 01:49 - Updated on: 18-03-2010 @ 13:12

New rom based on 23549

Sorry for not releasing the promised 23547. I was a bit to busy. But here's a new rom again.

This one is based on 23549. It's running very good and feels much faster for me.

Below you can see the changelog of rom 4.910:

- new sys: 23549(Branche: COM5)(Timebomb fixed): fast!
- Opera mobile 10 Final added
- Opera 9.5 removed(we got a stable good working final opera 10 now, incase you really want it I can upload a cab)

Like you can see opera mobile 10 is final now. Since it's a really good browser I think we don't need version 9.5 anymore so that's the reason I removed it from the rom. Incase you really want it I can upload a cab of it. Just post a comment below.

Hope you can enjoy this new rom and will give feedback as much as possible

Update 18-3-2010: 4.910 will be removed because there is a small issue with this rom. 23549 has also been released so I'm not going to fix it but just release a rom with the newer sys.

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New Christian's Rom 4.800 And Special 2

Rss feed for topic Xperia RomXperia Rom - Posted by: christian On 11-03-2010 @ 00:51

New rom releases: Christian's Rom 4.800 based on 23545(COM5) and Christian's Special rom version 2 based on 21895(COM2).

New roms are coming. First 4.800 will be released soon. Changelog is here:

- new sys: 23545(Branche: COM5)(Timebomb fixed):
- Arkswitch updated to 1.1.2


There will also be a special rom release. It's based on the latest COM2 sys with the old UI(start button on the left uppor corner).

This rom is on request from a few people. Hope you guys like it!

Release notes of special rom V2:

This is a special one time release again! This time it's based on the newest old style windows mobile 6.5.0 sys. This build got still the start button in the upper left corner.

For the rest it's a normal Full and Clean rom in Dutch and English based on the 4.8 rom just the sys has been changed with one with the old UI.

This is an one time release and will not be updated with every next release. It's released because I got many requests last months about releasing such a rom. So here it is!

Have fun with it!



I hope you will enjoy the new roms and give as much feedback as possible to create even better roms!

Roms will be released soon! No ETA. at the moment!


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New Christian's Rom 4.711

Rss feed for topic Xperia RomXperia Rom - Posted by: christian On 08-03-2010 @ 00:06

New Christian's Rom 4.711 based on 23544 COM5 sys

No 4.600 Clean but here's the 4.711 Clean and Full!

Below you can see the changelog:

- new sys: 23544(Branche: COM5)(Timebomb fixed):
- Icalparse updated to version 1.1.2
- Ringtone changes bug fixed?(Please report on this)
- FWUpdate removed and replaced with dummy version(about 2mb more free space)
- Close data connection button added(and connected time timer)(REQUEST!)

I hope to get some feedback on the ringtone change bug. But from my testing it seems to be fixed(or i'm just lucky for the last few days)

Have fun with the rom!

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New Christian's Rom 4.600

Rss feed for topic Xperia RomXperia Rom - Posted by: christian On 05-03-2010 @ 19:18

New rom 4.600 based on 23542

Here's a new rom based on the newest COM 5 sys 23542.

Changelog below:

- new sys: 23542(Branche: COM5)(Timebomb fixed):
- Icalparse updated to version 1.1.0
- ArkSwitch updated to version1.1.1
- SmartTimeSync 1.0 back(1.1 had a weird screen issue)


Have fun!

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Christian's Rom 4.500 Online

Rss feed for topic Xperia RomXperia Rom - Posted by: christian On 26-02-2010 @ 00:01 - Updated on: 26-02-2010 @ 11:53

Based on 23541 COM5

And here's a new rom again. It's based on the newest leak from Da_g version number 23541 from the COM5 branch. Since the 4.4001 clean isn't even released because of lake of time I will skip the 4.4001 clean and release the 4.500 full and clean.

Here's the changelog for now:

- new sys: 23541(Branche: COM5)(Timebomb fixed): Newer office 2010
- Icalparse updated to 1.0.9
- ArkSwitch_v1_1_0 taskmanager added(beside the x2 one, atleast for now)(tap aside the icons on the top to get in this taskmanager)
- Tilewave panel settings text fixed?(Please report if the fix works)

So I hope I've fixed the issue with the text in the settings screen from the tilewave panel. Please report if this is working in the WWE(english) roms.

I also added another taskmanager that is really nice. Hope you all like this. The X2 taskmanager is also still there but I'm going to test this arkswitch with you and maybe I will replace the X2 taskmanager in the feature.

For now have fun with the new rom and I hope you guys will like it

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UPDATED: New Christian's Rom 4.401

Rss feed for topic Xperia RomXperia Rom - Posted by: christian On 23-02-2010 @ 15:29 - Updated on: 23-02-2010 @ 19:16

New rom based on 23540

New rom released. Here's the changelog:

- new sys: 23540(Branche: COM5)(Timebomb fixed):
- Old tilewave panel again(maybe this will fix the panelmanager crashes)
- Icalparse updated to 1.0.8

Update: rom is currently down since there is something wrong with the customization. It will be back online as soon as possible.
Update #2: New 4.401 will be up soon!

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Panel manager crashes

Rss feed for topic Xperia RomXperia Rom - Posted by: christian On 17-02-2010 @ 11:28

Panel manager crashes

I got a question for you users. Like you know the panel manager is crashing sometimes. Since it was working perfect without any crashes till rom version 4.001. I think it maybe is the newer tilewave panel that is in the rom since rom 4.1**.

Is there anyone who has the same problem or was I just lucky because I didn't had any crashes with the panel manager on 4.001?

Wondering what you users think about this since for me this is the only thing that makes the phone crash sometimes.

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New Christian's Rom 4.302

Rss feed for topic Xperia RomXperia Rom - Posted by: christian On 17-02-2010 @ 00:10 - Updated on: 17-02-2010 @ 00:10

New rom 4.302 is online based on 23534 sys

New rom is online. It's based on 23534 COM5 sys. Here's the changelog:

- new sys: 23534(Branche: COM5)(Timebomb fixed): office 2010, threaded email, new add email screen
- Google Maps updated to version 4.0
- Opera mobile 10 beta 3
- Icalparse updated to 1.0.5
- Boot_Launcher_1_0_19152530_2
- DRM_Middleware_1_5_19221328_00
- Dshow_2_0_20113730_00
- HTCScroll_2_0_19221326_00
- mHub_VO_1_8_091221_X1
- Resource_Proxy_1_0_19221124_00
- Shared_Modules_1_01_19221333_00
- YouTube_2_6_20111727_00

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