Sonarr Connect Chrome extension released

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Today I would like to announce my own Google Chrome browser extension for Sonarr.

Together with Tom(my colleague) I created a Google chrome extension for Sonarr called Sonarr Connect. Our first public release is available in the Chrome store now. The extension includes an interface which can show a calendar, missing/wanted episodes, your shows and the history from your own Sonarr installation. So to be clear it's just an interface which uses Sonarr as back-end. But has the advantage of having a fast way to check if all episodes are downloaded correctly or what episodes will air in the near future. It also includes a badge on the extension icon in chrome which shows the number of wanted/missing episodes from your Sonarr installation.

Our release thread from the Sonarr forum can be found here.

The download can be found here.

Incase you are interested the source code(HTML, Javascript) this can be found here.

For feedback, hints and bug reports please contact us directly through email, the Sonarr forum, Chrome store feedback or leave a comment below and we will have a look as soon as possible. Feedback is really appreciated.

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